Go Global Travel Case Study

Go Global Travel Case Study

SaaS company

Let us present to you GO Global Travel’s story

Go Global Travel is an innovative B2B Hotel and Technology provider with 18 multilingual offices around the globe. Their partnering network includes more than 20.000 partners, who benefit from more than 1.000.000 properties around the world.

The main problem they were facing before starting working with us:

Clients acquired via paid traffic were not enough, too expensive and campaigns were unprofitable. Before starting working with their team, the account’s payback period was 10 months with 0.15 overall return on ad spend.

And here's the exact strategy we used to help them acquire more customers 👇

  1. Comprehensive Consultation: We engaged in an in-depth dialogue with Sparkle’s team to discern their core priorities, such as preferred sales and target locations.
  2. Optimized Structure: The initial step involved fixing any issues with the account and changing campaign structure for heightened efficiency.
  3. Focused Targeting: By refining keywords and innovating ad creation, we honed in on an audience that was tailor-made for Sparkle’s services.
  4. Continual Refinement and Improvement: Our neverending optimizations ensured full command over the advertising account. This enabled the marketing strategy to evolve in parallel with the business.

The results

1.74 months

Payback period



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