Unicorn Labs Case study

Unicorn Labs Case study

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Let us present you Unicorn Labs’ story

Unicorn Labs is a leadership training company in Ottawa and Toronto. They help big and small start-ups teach they managers how to be better leaders.

The main problem they were facing before starting working with us:

Low amount of leads with high CPL. The ROAS of their ads was also questionnable.

And here's the exact strategy we used to help them acquire more customers 👇

  1. Comprehensive Consultation: We engaged in an in-depth dialogue with Sparkle’s team to discern their core priorities, such as preferred sales and target locations.
  2. Optimized Structure: The initial step involved fixing any issues with the account and changing campaign structure for heightened efficiency.
  3. Focused Targeting: By refining keywords and innovating ad creation, we honed in on an audience that was tailor-made for Sparkle’s services.
  4. Continual Refinement and Improvement: Our neverending optimizations ensured full command over the advertising account. This enabled the marketing strategy to evolve in parallel with the business.

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